In Accord with the Design

H – Highlight

Exodus 26:30 – Then you shall erect the tabernacle according to the plan for it that you were shown on the mountain.

E – Explain

This section includes the instructions that God gave to Moses for the construction of the tabernacle.

A – Apply

There are a couple of places in this instruction set where God reminds Moses that he will do all these things in accord with the design that God showed him on the mountain. Moses was to follow instructions. Moses was not to design a tabernacle. Moses was not to come up with a plan for how God would be worshipped. Moses certainly was not to design a plan for the people to gain forgiveness. He was to listen to and communicate God’s plan to the people.

We must not be silly enough to think that we design what the church does. We are to listen to God’s instruction and obey it. Nor do we need to defend the word of God to the world. God has told us his way. We do not owe anybody an explanation for God’s standards or his worship. God has said what we are to do. We obey.

R – Respond

Lord, I pray that you will help me to be faithful to your word. Help me not to try to make up anything you have not commanded. Help me hear your instructions and follow them. Help me trust you and rely fully on your word.