The Pastor as Counselor — A Review

David Powlison. The Pastor as Counselor: The Call for Soul Care. Wheaton: Crossway, 2021.

Every pastor should read David Powlison. I seldom say that every anything should read anyone. Powlison is special. Though this dear saint recently went home to be with his Lord, the strong yet sweet words of a gracious author, teacher, and counselor live on.

The Pastor as Counselor feels to me like a sweet farewell. Published posthumously, this brief work serves as a helpful reminder of what Powlison spent his life teaching. Pastors are called by God to minister the word to people in both public and private settings. Because we have the word of God and the Spirit of God, we have strength and power to draw upon in helping others that therapists often lack. And, because faithful pastors serve people from a place of established relationship rather than weekly appointments, we have opportunities to minister to the hearts of people in ways that others simply cannot match.

This book will not teach you biblical counseling. What it will do is give you a solid argument for why pastors should be counseling in their congregations as well as a solid explanation of the advantages of such counseling. This book from the close of Powlison’s ministry could be a sweet introduction for many to a man whose work is truly valuable to the people of God.

** I Received a free copy of this work in exchange for posting an honest review as part of a reviewers program. **