Sleep as an Act of Faith

Psalm 3:5

I lay down and slept;

I woke again, for the Lord sustained me.

In Psalm 3, David is crying out to the Lord for his help. David’s son has attacked Jerusalem, hoping to chase down and murder his father. But David escaped into the wilderness. This, of course, was a terrible period in the life of the king.

In the midst of this psalm, David highlights something special, though I wonder if we see it as such. David, while hiding out, while on the run, lay down and slept. David woke up again, because the Lord had protected and sustained him. And David began a new day with the Lord.

Many things we do in life we take for granted. We assume that all will be the same. But sometimes it is truly worth it for us to just stop and consider what we do. Among these things is sleep.

When we sleep, we yield a period of hours to the Lord. While we sleep, we have no control of the world around us. While we sleep, we have no control of our bodies, our breath, our heartbeat, even our thoughts. As we sleep, we, if we would think about it, take a step of faith. We entrust the spinning world to the care of the Lord. We entrust our bodies to the hands of him who knitted us together before we were ever born. We trust that God will sustain our lives, keep our homes standing, make the sun rise the next day, and continue life as we know it.

David was in fear of a dangerous situation. Yet he slept. You and I look at a crazy world, and often we grumble and complain about the evils of politicians and the mess that the world is in. Yet we too sleep. We stop. We take somewhere around a third of our days in many cases, and we must let go of any sense of personal control. May this remind us that, in truth, we have never controlled the world. Only the Lord keeps the globe spinning. Only the Lord keeps our government from becoming as evil as it wants to be. Only the Lord keeps our hearts beating and our blood flowing. And the Lord who has been faithful to keep us until now will keep us for eternity if we belong to him in Christ.