The Vexation of a Fool

The foolishness of modern society is something that we can see fairly easily. Our political system is a mess. Our system of higher education is corrupted. The morally unthinkable has now become the socially demanded. And civility has gone out the window.

Consider the words of wisdom that speak to something as simple as anger or annoyance.

Proverbs 12:16

The vexation of a fool is known at once,
but the prudent ignores an insult.

The Bible tells us that there are many differences between a fool and a wise person. One difference is that a wise person will have a different response to what bothers him. But a fool will show his annoyance at once when he is vexed, irritated, or annoyed.

Consider what you see on modern news shows, college campuses, or political forums. What happens when a person feels insulted by something a speaker says? There is no longer civil discourse. Instead, there is shouting, accusation, name-calling. Rather than listening to logic and discussing points of difference, there is immediate, fiery, unfettered anger.

Friends, see that behavior as foolish. Fools show their annoyance at once with no consideration for what others may understand or believe. Fools cannot allow you to speak your mind. Fools cannot tolerate the airing of views different than their own. Fools scream, yell, insult, and fight without listening. Fools do not take their time to think well about how to respond to an insult. Instead, fools immediately go on the offensive.

Where are you tempted to act like a fool? Is it in public? Is it on social media? Is it in church when somebody sits in your spot or rubs up against your pet peeve? Is it in the world of politics?

Let us be a godly and wise people. Let us learn that, while we are not at all required to agree with every opinion out there, we also need not fly off the handle at the first sign of insult. God knows what he is talking about. God says it is foolish to show your vexation at once. God says it is prudent to ignore an insult.