Exponential 2014 – Matt Chandler

** The Following is a section of my notes from Exponential 2014 **


Matt chandler


Luke 15

This was a grimy crowd.

Tax collector’s collected the money to pay for the army that kept the people under the thumb of Rome.

Tax collector’s sponsored murder in the minds of the people.

It is not a surprise that the religious leaders cannot understand how Jesus could hang out with tax collector’s.

Sinners was a big category.

Sinners were dirty.

These were considered unacceptable people.


Jesus, in one moment, will deconstruct the world views of both groups, both religious leaders on the one hand and tax collector’s and sinners on the other.

Parable of the lost sheep.

The sinner sees hope.

The religious is convicted by not caring like God.

Jesus is not after moral aptitude.

Jesus is after sinners.

Same thing with the lost coin.


Parable of the prodigal son

God was and is not just after the prodigal, he was after the religious.

Do not hate and put down the older brother’s among you. God offers them repentance.

The father invites the older brother in too.

The tearing apart of the world views and rebuilding happened

This is what preaching is about.


Do not live vicariously through other preachers.

Do not tell other people’s hanging out with lost people stories.


Trust the Bible.

What we are doing is unbelievably mysterious.

I cannot transform people.

Do not waiver from two thousand years of God’s plan.


Trust the Holy Spirit.

Be desperate for God’s help.


Preaching is logic on fire.

Martin Lloyd Jones said that.