Are You Angry with God?

There is an interesting discussion that is out there among Christians as to whether or not it is OK to be angry with God. This is actually not a difficult question. The confusion arises because the people on opposite sides of the issue are talking about different things while using the same terminology. There is a failure to communicate.


It is not OK, meaning non-sinful, to hold anger against God. We have no right to accuse the Lord of doing wrong. That, of course is what anger is all about. We get mad at someone for wronging us. So, anger at God is not OK.


The other side, however, talks about anger against God being OK because God is big enough to handle it. The point of this group is that God is gracious, all-knowing, and trustworthy. So, they argue that, if we are upset by the way the Lord has done things or allowed things to happen, we should be honest enough with God to tell him about it and express our feelings.


I consider the second position dangerous and bordering on the sinful, but it has an element of truth in it. If you are upset with the Lord, confession and communication should be high on your list. Tell the Lord. Do not rage against him as if you can do that with impunity. But do speak the truth of your lack of understanding. Confess to him that you do not know all things as he does. Share with him the depth of your hurt, and the Lord will be gracious to you if you are in Christ.


There is, also one kind of anger against the Lord that is extremely common, and which is never, not ever, OK. WE find it in the wise counsel of the book of Proverbs.


Proverbs 19:3 – When a man’s folly brings his way to ruin, his heart rages against the Lord.


Some people rage against God when their own conduct has brought pain into their lives. Again, such people should communicate to God their hurt and their desperation. But it is unwise and always sinful to be angry with God for allowing us the natural consequences of the choices we make. God is good. God does not owe us mercy.


I have to admit that the Lord has been incredibly gracious to me. I can think of event after event in my young life where my choices could have led to dramatically destructive consequences. God graciously did not allow me to face what my folly deserved. But if he had, he would not have wronged me. And if I had faced consequences for my foolish choices, I would not have had any right to act as though God had wronged me.


Anger with God is always dangerous. Remember, God is holy. His perfection is limitless. Thus, he has never wronged anybody at any time. If you feel anger toward God, do not hide it from him or pretend it is not there. Talk to God. But try to do so humbly, confessing your sin to the Lord and seeking his mercy in Christ.