Are You Still Learning?

As a Christian, are you still learning? I surely hope that you are. But I also know that, in the church, there can be an almost anti-learning tendency among some of us.


What do I mean? There are those in the church who would say that we do not need more learning, but we need more action and practical application. I would happily agree that we need to be putting our faith into practice. But I would wholeheartedly disagree that there is ever a point where the believer in the Lord Jesus stops studying, stops thinking, and stops learning.


Proverbs 19:27- Cease to hear instruction, my son, and you will stray from the words of knowledge.


The moment we stop hearing instruction, we start being tempted away from knowledge. It is as if our growth is a ball being rolled up a hill. We have to put forth effort to keep learning and keep growing. The moment we think we no longer need to push, the ball begins to roll down. We stop growing. WE slide toward error. We start to miss the beauties of the truths found in the word of God.


I know that not all people are into the “scholarly” side of the faith. And I understand that, if things are presented in a dry and purely academic manner, they can end up distasteful. But the truth is, study is supposed to be a part of our lives. Learning doctrine truly matters, and it is not something that you finish in a couple of years as a believer never to open again. When a good study of the word of God and of biblical doctrine takes place, people see who the Lord is and they see how the Lord has chosen to reveal himself. As we study, we see in greater depth and detail the marvelous way that the Lord has chosen to structure the universe and the church in the world to most greatly magnify his name.


Maybe you are not wired to read a hundred books per year. I get that. But the question is: Do you study? Are you reading books or listening to solid teachers who stretch your brain? If not, you are missing out. Yes, go for the practical. Get hands-on. Share the gospel, help the needy, live in fellowship. But there is not one of those things that you can do well without also feeding your soul with deep and accurate biblical doctrine. So study, because to cease to do so is to cease following the way of wisdom.