Shepherds’ Conference 2019 Session 10 Notes

Session 10

HB Charles

Faithful in Prayer

Mark 1:35-39

Jesus was healing and driving out demons in Capernaum.

The whole city was hanging around Simon Peter’s house.

Did Jesus get any sleep that night?

It would have made sense for Jesus to have slept in the next morning.

Jesus’ faithfulness in prayer governed the direction of his ministry.

We must not allow the priority of private prayer to be neglected for public ministry.

Verse 35, Jesus prayed.

Verses 36-ff, Jesus preached.

  • Jesus prayed

If Jesus prayed, how much more is it necessary for you and me to pray?

When did Jesus pray?

Very early in the morning, between 3:00 and 6:00, still dark.

Closer to 3 than 6.

Jesus rose early in the morning, before sunrise.

HE slipped away in private to spend time with the Father in prayer.

Isaiah 50:4, New mercies every day.

This is not just a reference to time of prayer, but a reference to the priority of prayer in Jesus’ ministry.

Jesus spent time with God, talking to God.

This is an extended time.

The disciples go looking for Jesus.

Jesus did not just offer a text message prayer.

It cost Jesus sleep to spend extended and quality time with God the Father in prayer.

Jesus is not praying here in response to an apparent crisis, problem, or difficulty.

HE rises early to pray after a successful day of ministry.

We should not wait for trouble to arise to take prayer seriously.

Indeed, when things are going well, we greatly need to pray.

If you want God to bless your ministry, pray.

If God is blessing your ministry, pray harder.

Where did Jesus pray?

He went to a desolate place.

He did not look for a quiet spot in the house or in the city.

HE went into the wilderness, like before his temptation.

Jesus would not make prayer a platform for self-glory.

Just as he said in Mathew 6:6-8.

Jesus got alone.

Our devotion to God is not a platform for performance in front of others.

What did Jesus pray?

Mark does not tell us what Jesus prayed.

Is there a lesson in the silence?

What did Jesus pray?

Apparently, none of our business.

Private devotion to God is not public domain for man.

This is 1 of 3 places in Mark where we see Jesus in the act of prayer.

Also in Mark 6:46 after feeding the 5,000 and in Mark 14:32-42 in the garden.

In each of those instances, Jesus may feel the strain of external pressures around him.

He certainly wants to know and do the will of God, remaining faithful in spite of the pressures around him.

Jesus teaches us to pray so that we might be submissive to Gods’ will.

Romans 8:26-27, we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit intercedes.

Do you pray?

We want to draw near to the throne of grace with confidence.

Prayer is not a burdensome duty to obey, it is a wonderful privilege to enjoy.

We do not have to pray like a beggar before a stingy rich man.

Jesus is our access to prayer.

Jesus is our example of prayer.

Jesus was sincere, persistent, reverent.

When is the last time you sacrificed something important to you for the purpose of prayer?

When did you last retreat from others to get alone with God in prayer?

When did you last spend a long time in prayer?

When is the last time your prayer time became a meaningful worship time?

Your prayers will not mean anything to God until they mean everything to you.

Prayer requires childlike trust in God.

God cannot be one of many options.

HE must be your everything.

Verse 35, Jesus prayed.

Then the rest of the paragraph tells us Jesus preached.

The disciples interrupted Jesus’ time with the Father in prayer.

The citizens of Capernaum assembled at Peter’s house when the sun came up.

They were shocked.

Jesus was not there.

His followers did not know where he was.

They hunted for him.

Verse 38, Jesus wants to go to the next towns to preach.

HE prayed.

After checking in with the Father, he said he was not going back to Capernaum. He was going into the towns of Galilee to preach.

He did not compromise the priority of preaching for the pressure of the crowds.

Jesus preached in spite of the pressure.

Everyone is looking for you.

That is a subtle rebuke.

They are irritated that they had to find Jesus.

Simon and the fellas are acting like church growth consultants. They are sure Jesus is missing a great opportunity.

Be careful when you think that you know better than Jesus what he should be doing.

Jesus would not return to Capernaum to build a big ministry.

He was going out to preach in the village towns.

He was not impressed by enthusiastic unbelief.

All around our culture there are people who like Jesus but who won’t trust Jesus.

Jesus will not compromise his priorities.

Christianity is about the preaching of the word of God.

When the church tries to meet needs, help people, or change society without prioritizing the preaching of the word, there is a problem.

Preach the word.

Be ready in and out of season.

Jesus preached because of…

That is why I came out, to preach.

This is about the incarnation.

HE came from heaven to preach.

Luke 1910.

HE came to seek and save the lost.

Verse 39 summarizes.

Jesus did what he said he would do.

He went throughout all Galilee and preached just as he said he would.

Jesus was welcomed, embraced, and celebrated in Capernaum.

The pressure was for him to stay there.

Jesus prayed, stuck to his mission, and left to preach.

The safest place in the world is in the will of God; but, the safe place may not be God’s will.

Do not think you know better than God where you should be.

Jesus also cast out demons.

HE was far more than just another preacher.

Jesus fixed broken bodies and transformed broken souls.

2 Corinthians 5:16-17